10 Year Impact

The Crosby Fund for Haitian Education

Ten Years of Serving the Youth of the Artibonite Valley in Haiti: 2004-2014

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Here are a few things we have accomplished in Ten Years:

  • We have grown 10 fold in 10 years – from 32 high school students to 352 students from first grade to university bachelor degree candidates.
  • 551 scholarships have been granted to students.
  • Currently there are 62 post-secondary students.
  • To date, we have had 19 university graduates and 20 technical school graduates.
  • Our alumni are employed as doctors, managers, accountants, computer programmers, plumbers, physical therapy and laboratory technicians, nurses and more.
  • 155 students have completed high school.
  • We broadened our geographical territory from a 5 mile radius to a 25 mile radius.
  • We purchased land and will be building a Center for Learning with a focus on teacher development and student tutoring.

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On our Introduction Page on this website watch as Rob Shook interviews two alumni in the video  “Haitian Education”   .

We Thank Our Donors for Your Support Over These Past Ten Years!

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