Our Alumni

Interview With

Dieuseul Delicier

The sun had already set in Deschapelles, but it was still 90 degrees when Delicier, after a ten hour shift at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, walked into the dimly lit courtyard for our interview. I had never met him before but, as if to help me to recognize him, he still wore a stethoscope around his neck after leaving his shift at the hospital…

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James Kerby Estimé

James Kerby Estimé was a dual degree candidate in two universities in Haiti. He graduated #3 in his class in June 2017 with a degree in Pharmacology from Universite D’Etat D’Haiti, and he will receive a degree in Medicine from Notre Dame University in 2018, after he completes his internship at the Hôpital Universitaire Justinien in Cap Haitien.

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In His Own Words

Fednor Sidort

I am a 2012 university graduate of the Crosby Scholarship Program. In 2015, I was very proud to be hired as the new Crosby Fund for Haitian Education Program Administrator. I want to share a little about my life to this point in time.

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Ducasse Alphonse

Ducasse Alphonse graduated from St. Ignace School of Teaching in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Education. Prior to his graduation, he helped during the summer months tutoring students in mathematics. We realized he was a talented teacher.

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Thelmy Guerlande

Thelmy Guerlande grew up in a very large family. She had 8 other siblings and the likelihood of an impoverished young girl with 8 siblings going to school for any meaningful duration in rural Haiti is close to zero.

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Interview With

Robens Ocean

Like many rural children growing up in Haiti’s Artibonite Valley, Robens Ocean, from a very early age, worked in the fields alongside his parents, tending goats and hauling water, but mostly he picked rice.

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