Our Scholarship Programs

Primary School Program

This year we offered scholarships to 187 children from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. Along with tuition fees, the scholarship covers the cost of children’s uniforms and books as well. Students that do well in the program automatically advance to the next grade. There is a 90% chance that a child will enter the program in kindergarten and leave the program with a bachelor’s degree or technical school certificate.

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Secondary School Program

We offer 184 scholarships in our secondary program that covers grades 7th to Philo. 91% were successful this year and advanced to the next grade. Of our 10 Philo graduates, 9 will go to technical schools, and 1 will go on to the university. These students attend 33 different schools in the center of the Artibonite Valley.

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Technical School Program

The technical school program offers a post-secondary education for students who are not going on to the university program. There are many types of technical schools, some require a Philo certificate and others do not. We currently have 40 students in our technical school program.

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University Program

This year we have 52 students in our university program. These students attend 12 different universities in Port-au-Prince, depending on their field of study. Most bachelor degrees require 4 or 5 years of study, except medicine which is 6 to 7 years. After their course work most degrees require an internship year before graduation. The scholarship program covers full tuition and gives each student a living expense stipend.

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Behind the Scenes of Our Scholarship Programs

More About Our Scholarship Programs

Scholarships at the primary and secondary level cover full tuition, uniforms, and books for every student. No money is released to the students directly. There are over 80 schools attended by our students within a 25-mile radius in the center of the Artibonite Valley (see the map). This Valley has a population of 1.7 million people. Each student attends a school within walking distance to their house. For students in remote areas, schools are primitive in nature, but the option to go to a better school is not possible.

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The Education Center

Our new multi-purpose space offers endless possibilities for educational support in the region. From on-going classroom aid to a one-time seminar, our programs are advancing education and helping our students succeed.

Our Education Center Programs