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Primary School Program

Most of the students are selected at the pre-k to second grade level, and with success, they will continue through the grades in this program.

The criteria for selection is need based, with a consideration of location as well to cover our key areas in the Artibonite. Only one child is selected per family, and we try to select male and female students equally.

Because scholarships are selected on the basis of need, we have problems with hunger and dire living conditions that make success difficult for some students, yet with all these challenges, 90% of our primary students this year advanced to the next grade, and 31 sixth graders moved on to our secondary program. A primary school scholarship is $250 for a year and that includes tuition, books and a uniform.

Pre-K class at Institution Mixte Jacques Roumain in Deschapelles.

Secondary School Program

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Technical School Program

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University Program

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