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Secondary School Program

Most of the students in our secondary program have advanced from the primary program.

We select a few students each year, and the selection is based on academic record and need. We talk with area school administrators to find students who academically do very well, but do not attend school because of the inability to pay the tuition.

Some of the classrooms are not the best environments for learning. For students who need extra help, our Education Center offers after school and weekend tutoring programs in math, science and languages. This tutoring program has increased the success rate of our secondary students.

After the 12th grade, students attend the Philo year. This year continues with their classical training. A state exam is offered at the end of this year, and all who pass receive a Philo certificate, which is similar to our high school diploma. A Philo certificate is required for entry in to the university and higher level technical programs. The students who pass the exam with the highest grades are offered the opportunity to go to the university. Those who pass at a lower grade or do not pass at all are offered the opportunity to enroll in the technical school program.

A scholarship for a secondary student is $350.00 a year which includes tuition, books and a uniform.

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