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University Program

Unlike the liberal arts education system in the United States, Haitian students must choose a major prior to enrolling in the university.

All universities require a Philo certificate and more and more universities are requiring students to pass an entrance exam.

We offer a college-preparatory seminar that helps students choose a career path that best fits their interests and aptitudes (such as finance, business, health services, education etc). This information is very helpful to determine the best university in their field of study.

Students major in medicine, agronomy, education, computer science, nursing, civil engineering, electrical engineering, diplomacy, business, accounting and pharmacology.

A university scholarship is $3,000 a year. This covers the student’s tuition and a living expense stipend.

Dr. Helene Clervius, Quisqueya University

Primary School Program

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Secondary School Program

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Technical School Program

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